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First Five John Gardner Bonds

09/05/2011 and for our US Visitors 05/09/2011 - Just a quick update as we enter into the beginning of the celebrations of The 30th Anniversary of the publication of 'Licence Renewed' or 'License Renewed' dependent on what side of the Atlantic you are.

The first novel in John's Bond continuation series...
...and Yes it makes me feel really old!
The Mi6 website are running two great pages so please follow these links:
Refresh your knowledge of John Gardner's debut James Bond continuation novel as it celebrates its 30th anniversary this month
James Bond will be back with 1980s flavour - John Gardner announced as 007 continuation author.

And possibly the thread that started it all at CBn
Join in the discussions on the forum
As more links to stories and announcements are made we will keep you posted so check back on a regular basis.
Simon R.J Gardner
Monday 9th May 2011


First Five John Gardner Bonds
Once again slightly late on this months update but this is due to lots of aspects of the Bond re-issues being sorted and announced at different times.
ORION will be re-issuing Licence To Kill & GoldenEye probably in 2013 by the looks of it. Also there will be eBook versions and Audio versions 'Coming At Ya!'
For the moment while we sort ourselves out here at JG Towers, and organise a separate page for all the Re-Issue information here are a few links to keep you all informed while we do our 'Spring Cleaning'
Many thanks go out to John Cox @ The Book Bond who has kept me up to date on things happening on both sides of the Atlantic. He gets the information before I do it seems. So thanks John for getting me some, if not all of the above links. Also of course thanks go out to Alex Canning at SpareTimeDesign www.sparetimedesign.co.uk for keeping things in order for me with the site updates an maintenance.
Bond at the moment is BIG for us, but we do realise that John's other work is just as important. On our Facebook page we have asked for suggestions on whet you would like to see, and we also hope to do a feature page soon on the first Boysie Oakes book The Liquidator.
Will be back with more news very soon
Happy Easter to one and all
Simon R J Gardner


01/02/2011 or 02/01/2011 (for our US visitors)
Once again I seem to be 'Late Again' with the update and wishing all our visitors a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
January is usually grey and miserable (in the UK) anyway so let's forget about it and welcome in February 2011. Read more »

Fantastic Feedback

Well we have been live for coming up two weeks and the reaction from JG fans has been great. It seems that the new look has been a winner. I have to say that in this time I have got to exchange messages on Facebook and via Twitter with so many supporters of John's work, especially the Bond fans. Read more »


Well we have been Tweeting and Facebooking about the 'New Look' for a while now and here it is. If you are an old or new visitor we hope that you find it easy to navigate, informative, and that is a site that you will want to come back to again and again. John Edmund Gardner might have passed on but his volume of work still has an army of fans for Boysie to Bond, Herbie to Suzie, and all in between.

This is the Official site for all things JG. Read more »

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