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Bond & The DoctorBond & The Doctor

When John was living Stateside in Charlottesville Virginia, he was often asked to attend various fan conventions. The conventions ranged from pure Bond related themes to a mish mash of Bond, Star Trek, Space 1999, Battlestar Galactica, well you get the picture. When he could actually find the time to go to these affairs he found them fascinating, and slightly weird. He would come back and tell stories of sharing lifts, hotel lobbies, restaurants with Klingons, aliens, tuxedo wearing wanna be Bonds and all sorts of fictional characters. He attended these functions to sign books, give interviews or talk about Bond or the art of writing fiction.

The reason i have brought this subject up dear visitor is that I have always (as my Father did) had a soft spot for Doctor Who. I remember as a very young boy being allowed to stay up and watch the very first episode of this iconic British TV series. I was hooked from that very first viewing. And yes for me, Daleks, pretty scary, but The Cybermen, they made me want to hide behind sofa!

In later years i was working in London UK as a graphic designer for publishers WH Allen and had the pleasure of dealing with 'The Doctor' in print form. My art director Mike Brett would commission the cover illustrations and my job was to layout the jacket and produce the final camera ready artwork and mark ups to send to the printers. This was in the days prior to computers, when you did everything by hand. During my time at WHA I met some wonderful people connected with show and I felt that it was quite amazing that a show I had started watching as a boy had become part of my adult life.

To be honest I gave up on Dr Who around the time of Sylvester McCoy and liquorice allsorts monsters. To me my beloved series had been ruined. When the show was resurrected by the BBC and Russell T Davies with Christopher Eccleston, I was blown away, brilliant! Then along came David Tennant who just ran with it and took The Doctor to yet another level or should that be levels?

So this Christmas I sat down to watch the final 2 episodes of David Tennant's Doctor, and was surprised to see Timothy Dalton playing the High Chancellor of the Time Lords. This made me smile a very big smile. I was smiling because my Father, on returning from one of the aforementioned conventions brought me back a bumper sticker that I proudly attached to the rear of my VW Golf. This bumper sticker used to elicit very confused reactions from my US brothers.

And what did this bumper sticker say?


So you see JG knew the truth all along.

Happy New Year

Simon Gardner

January 2010

P.S. Though I no longer have the bumper sticker, for those interested they were around during the1980-90's and featured a graphic of the Bond gun barrel with a silhouette and a long flowing scarf. Obviously the design invoked The Doctor from the classic Tom Baker era.