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Christmas And New Year Greetings To All Visitors To John-Gardner.comChristmas And New Year Greetings To All Visitors To John-Gardner.com

Once again we are revising the site and hoping to provide a richer and more interactive experience. We are going to have a 'blog' updating what is happening in the world of JG. More links, a Facebook fan site, and there is talk that we might be getting Tweets from beyond the grave! The most important thing is we need your input. We want your feedback on what you, the fans want. Please feel free to email me from the link on the contacts page.

Talking of links, we are now very pleased to announce that we have a direct link to:


Many thanks to Corrine Turner at Ian Fleming Publications for making this possible.

My Father was a great fan of Christmas. He was a true believer in Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, whatever name you want to use. The Gardner Christmas was always special in good times and bad. So with that thought in mind, everyone involved in making this site possible wishes you, dear visitor, a wonderful safe Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Simon Gardner
December 2009