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Bond from Orion
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Sunday, August 3, 2014 - 09:00


Seems like this date roles around quicker every year. Seven years since his passing but in those years we have seen the re-printing of all his acclaimed James Bond continuation novels in physical and Ebook formats on both sides of the pond. Thank you IFP, Swordfish, Orion and Pegasus Books.


All the Boysie Oakes books are out now as Ebooks thanks to Endeavour Press. The Kruger novels out in Ebook from Bello and Mysterious Press. The Secret Generations Trilogy also as Ebooks again from our good friends at Endeavour Press. Of course Moriarty (Quercus UK & Harcourt US) the third in the series was published after his death. He did have the outline for the fourth but that was not meant to be. In the US the first two Moriarty novels were re-published by Pegasus Books. John also entered the Guinness Book of Records for writing more James Bond Books than the original creator Ian Fleming. We are currently having discussions regarding all of John’s other works of fiction  as to when, how and the best way to bring them back to the marketplace. This will include getting the Derek Torry novels back again after their brief Ebook appearance and disappearance!


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