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Yes it is that time of year again where we take a paragraph or so to look back at what has been happening John Edmund Gardner wise. A big thank you goes out to Endeavour Press who have published all the Boysie Oakes E-Books as well as The Secret Generations Trilogy. ‘The Secret Houses’ made it onto Amazon’s top 100 Historical thrillers list coming in at 22 while around the other side of the globe in Australia ‘The Secret Generations’ topped Amazon’s Kindle bestseller list at NUMBER 1. Once again JEG is in the bestseller lists! Go to your favourite online retailer for all John Gardner ebook titles.

Over in Germany Cross Cult published ‘Licence Renewed’ in September and will be publishing ‘For Special Services’ and I’cebreaker’ in February 2015. On the subject of Mr. Bond, november 2015 will see the release of SPECTRE movie 24 in the franchise. if you cannot wait until then to get SPECTRE back in your life, grab yourself a copy of ‘For Special Services’.

Just as I was putting this update together I was informed that Endeavour Press are to re-publish one of John’s classic thriller/horror novels ‘The Dancing Dodo’. A bestseller that has been a favourite amongst his fans for years. Not only that, but an option on the film rights has also been bought.

Well as the year draws to a close, thank you all again for visiting this site and connecting with us via our Facebook page and our Twitter account.

Also back by popular demand with a slight update (well actually we still have not found the stack of SAAB winter driving photos we know exists somewhere) is last years Christmas header photo. JG in the SAAB and snowmobile in the snow!

Christmas and New Year greetings and best wishes to you all. 

Simon Gardner December 2014