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License Renewed and For Special Services

Hi everyone, well it's publication month with the first of the new John Gardner UK paperback reprints, Licence Renewed and For Special Services, now shipping from Amazon.co.uk.

Role of Honour, Nobody Lives Forever, No Deals Mr Bond

May 2012 will see Icebreaker, Role of Honour, Nobody Lives Forever and No Deals Mr Bond published by Orion Books.

Competition Results

The winners of last month's competition were:

Luke Freeman
Damian Ward
Jimmy Milligan

The Answers were:

  1. Swordfish
  2. Communication Control Systems Ltd. (CCS)
  3. Q’ute
  4. Richard Chopping, Bill Botten and Trevor Scobie
  5. Erik Carlsson
  6. Erehwon
  7. Magnolia
  8. Walter Luxor
  9. For Special Services

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who entered.



John Gardner continuation novels

Slightly late (nothing new there then) but Happy New Year to all our visitors.

As promised back in 2011 we are running a competition where we have 3 sets of the first 5 John Gardner James Bond continuation novels up for grabs courtesy of the UK publisher. This open to everyone (apart from employees of Orion, family members and close friends) , all you have to do is answer the following questions:

  1. What is the name of the hardback imprint under which ORION Books has published the first 5 John Gardner Bond continuation novels.
  2. What was the original name of the company that kitted out The Silver Beast?
  3. What is Anne Reilly's nickname?
  4. Name the 3 cover artists responsible for the first five (JEG Bond) Jonathan Cape Hardback jackets?
  5. James Bond & John Gardner had Winter/Arctic driving training from who?
  6. What is the name of the terrorist training camp in Role of Honour?
  7. What colour is the interior of the British Racing Green Bentley Mulsanne Turbo Bond drives in Role of Honour?
  8. What is the name of Bismaquer's partner in For Special Services?
  9. Who presented Ian Fleming with a .38 Police Positive Colt revolver with the inscription, "For Special Services."?
  10. Which continuation novel first mentions the colour of "The Silver Beast"?

Send your answers by email (including your shipping/mailing address, otherwise you won't be able to send them to you) to: jesgcom@gmail.com This competition will be open until midnight (GMT) 31 January 2012. The winners will be randomly picked.


Many thanks to John Cox at http://www.thebookbond.com/ for alerting us to this:

"The promotional replica of James Bond's famous Saab -- the "Silver Beast" -- is going on the auction block along with the contents of Saabs motor museum in Trollhättan, Sweden. The sale is part of Saab's recent bankruptcy."

Silver Beast

I have many fond memories of my Father telling stories of the promotional tours that he did with this car, and we all hope that it will go to a good home. If you haven't visited The Book Bond get yourselves over there it is a wonderful site and has the definitive story of The Silver Beast


The Daily Mail Live Magazine ran a special Official 50th Anniversary James Bond Collectors Edition on January 15th and despite this being the movie anniversary celebrations Jolly JG managed to get a good mention. Here's the proof!

That's it for the moment, good luck if you are entering the competition and we will bring you the results in February. Thanks for your continued support in 2012.

Simon Richard John Gardner

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