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Air Apparent

Boysie Oakes, ex anguished agent, ex defective private eye, and greying horrifically at the temples, is facing the wilderness of middle-age supported only by the Welfare State.

At long last Boysie Oakes has reached seedy maturity - and he plans to grow old quietly without any more dangerous missions.

Until, like an evil genie, up pops his oily old boss, Mostyn, offering a life of renewed luxury.

Boysie is to become the sole British Director of Air Apparent, an airline which operates from one office, has no aircraft, yet, by juggling with officialdom and illegally chartering aeroplanes, manages to transfer its customers to their destinations at half the scheduled fares and still makes a vast profit.

But when Boysie discovers that Air Apparent is being used for more nefarious purposes, such as the shipment of arms to third world nations, he is forced to call in his old shooting partner, Charlie Griffin.

Events crowd in, culminating in a hijacking, hilarity and, naturally, hectic hedonism.

“Gardner’s at the top of his form.” Daily Mirror

“Boysie Oakes is at the top of his form in this topical thriller.” Guardian

“All very entertaining in a crazy sort of way.” Morning Star

‘Air Apparent’ is the seventh in the Boysie Oakes series of novels by John Gardner. Tightly written and packed with incredible twists, ‘Air Apparent’ is a brilliant continuation of the story of Gardner’s cowardly professional assassin.

It is perfect for fans of classic British spy fiction, including Ian Fleming, Len Deighton, and Desmond Bagley.

Air Apparent UK
Air Apparent US

A Killer For A Song

Secret agent Boysie Oakes feels completely alone.

He is on the run and terrified, travelling from Paris, across France, and down to his old stamping ground, the Cote d'Azur.

But who is chasing him? And why?

Nobody escapes the past, and Boysie is no exception - events are catching up with him like hounds descending upon a screeching hare.

A nemesis comes first in the shape of his former boss in the Department - the oily James George Mostyn.

Sought out by Mostyn, Boysie finds himself back on active service and forced to sit on SEAT - Special Executive for Anti-Terrorism.

A routine conference in Paris, however, reveals the truth.

Both Mostyn and Boysie are being set up at the wrong end of a series of ruthless liquidations, and somebody has to lose.

Before he can shout for a lifebuoy, Boysie finds himself on the run - both from the French police and security organisations, who want him for murder; and from the shadows of the past, who want him dead.

A Killer For A Song UK
A Killer For A Song US


Is It Ever Straightforward For Boysie?

UK & US Kindle Release From Endeavour Press

Rex Upsdale is a spent, washed-out spy writer. 

His trade has worn him down to the bone, and he sits alone, rejected and punch-drunk and full of self-pity. Reality and fiction have become mixed in his mind. 

In increasing financial trouble, he is offered some semblance of security if he will take on just one journalistic assignment behind the Iron Curtain. 

All that’s required is an interview with Kit Styles, the most notorious of all defectors from West to East. 

But it’s not as straightforward as he thinks. 

He hasn’t reckoned with the eternally incompetent and feckless Boysie Oakes; his puppet master, Mostyn; a neatly curved companion, Miss Hester Havisham; exploits, escapes and escapades in a tank and a helicopter and an outrageous group calling themselves the International Travelling Circus. 

And if he is not careful, the Traitor's Exit might also be his own. 

John Gardner, whose Boysie Oakes has become required reading for spy lovers since he first appeared in ‘The Liquidator’, has written a tale that’s part satire, part farce, always zany and certainly not for those who take their spy fiction too seriously.

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The Liquidator Makes it To Amazon’s Movers & Shakers


Coming in at Number 8



'Cool polished story-telling with all the sexy sidelines in the best James Bond tradition'

Evening Standard

Drastic plans are being put into action. 

But Boysie Oakes, the suave, womanising special agent for British Intelligence, is unaware of the events unfolding around him - and is revelling in being free from the treacherous clutches of Special Security. 

Boysie, his former boss Mostyn and Charlie Griffin, have set up their own Security Service, GRIMOBO. 

Their first assignment has brought them to New York and Boysie has snatched a vacation at Cape Kennedy. 

Life is looking up. 

But, of course, something has to go wrong. It's just a small thing. Some light-fingered swine makes off with a Saturn V rocket. 

What's more, Boysie seems to have disappeared too. 

The same thieves that wanted the rocket want Boysie. For a change, though, they want him alive. Very much alive. 

And totally functional. 

Boysie’s holiday turns out to be the trip of a lifetime and he ends up travelling further than he ever expected. But all is not lost as of course a beautiful woman is also along for the ride. 

And Boysie Oakes is about to be plunged into the most dramatic adventure of his career.



And Boysie Oakes is back in another terrifying adventure. 

The reluctant assassin has been sent to Berlin to make a kill 'in the cold' on the other side of the Wall.

Trying to remember his own code-name, he is soon battling enemies that include Russian secret servicemen, psychotropic drugs and a silky Chinese stripper called Rosy Puberty.

Both the Soviets and the Chinese want to track down his target, and Boysie is caught up in a deadly game of power politics.

And despite his best efforts, Boysie finds himself drawn into a far more sinister conspiracy - a face-to-face confrontation with the legendary Soviet spymaster General Khavichev.

‘Madrigal’ is the fourth in the Boysie Oakes series of novels by John Gardner. Tightly written and packed with incredible twists, ‘Madrigal’ is a brilliant continuation of the story of Gardner’s cowardly professional assassin.

"Cool polished story-telling…"
Evening Standard





But a straightforward mission start to go awry when his mark turns up dead without Boysie lifting a finger. 

Who killed him? And why? 

It is only when he is introduced to a sadistic finishing school, run by the mysterious and dangerous Doctor Klara Thirel, that the mystery starts to unravel. 

Surrounded by troubled girls galore, including a certain Petronella Witching, Boysie is pulled into the biggest espionage foul-up of the century. 

With the help of Petronella, as well as a handful of self-important, and at times incompetent secret agents, Boysie dives into the mysteries behind the dead Member of Parliament, the sexually charged finishing school, and – most of all – who and what is behind the top-secret Amber Nine.

The third Boysie Oakes adventure is now available from Amazon UK and Amazon US


The suave, womanising special agent for British Intelligence returns in his second thrilling adventure.

At the height of the Cold War, Boysie is sent on a routine mission to America. In San Diego, he will be the official British observer for the test-fire of America’s latest nuclear missile: The Trepholite.

But the Soviets have other plans. A double of Boysie has been sent into the field, and very soon Boysie is embroiled in a game of bluff and double-bluff involving a holocaustic missile, a slick con man - and Vladimir Solev, an deadly opponent and yet also a man in whom Boysie sees something of himself.

Yes the second Oakes novel is now available from Amazon published by Endevour Press.


While I was perusing YouTube the other day I came across a link to Warner Bros. online shop from a Liquidator clip and was astonished to find that finally after all these years and all the 'we will not be releasing this film on DVD' they have made it available, (US only I'm afraid) as a 'made to order' DVD. The site also says that the DVD will be made from a newly remastered version Here's the LINK check it out and if your in the UK give your US friends a nudge and ask for a copy for Christmas. Of course do not forget to order up your Bond re-prints from Orion (Pegasus US) books first!

Simon Gardner November 2012


Two More BondsFirstly I would like to apologise for no update in June. Things just got the better of me and I was not able to put together anything in time. So we are now in July and the new edition Orion paperbacks of 'No Deals Mr. Bond' and 'Brokenclaw' are now available to order from Amazon. As sometimes we are a little slow in getting our updates together please check out our Facebook page 'The Complete Works of John Edmund Gardner'.

Here at John-Gardner.com we were saddened by the death of the great British comedian Eric Sykes. For those who know JG's early 'Boysie Oakes' books they will remember that Eric Sykes played 'Griffin' in the film of 'The Liquidator'. For the Gardner family Mr. Sykes will always be 'Griffin', the man who did Boysie's 'dirty work'. Interestingly the character of 'Griffin' was far removed from the sort of roles that Eric Sykes played for the most part. To see a clip of Eric Sykes in 'The Liquidator' follow this link. The man is a legend, may he rest in peace.

Once again thank you for visiting the site and please check back again soon for all JG news.

Simon Gardner 10th July 2012



Simon Daryl Wood

Happy Christmas to all our visitors. JEG was a huge fan of Christmas and no one knew that better than a dear friend of his, Simon Daryl Wood. The Gardner family have known Simon for a very long time indeed and recently Simon has had his own work of fiction published (Fairy Story available at Amazon), something I know John would have loved to have seen. I hope over the coming year that Simon will be able to contribute his thoughts on JG to this site. To start with here is how they first met. Read more »

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