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Saturday, January 24, 2015 - 18:45

The new year begins and Endeavour Press have published ‘To Run A Little Faster’, ‘The Werewolf Trace’ and ‘Every Night’s A Bullfight’. The first time any of these titles have been released in e-book format. We are also expecting to see ‘The Censor’, and ‘Golgotha’ over the next few weeks. Please check our Facebook page, ‘The Complete Works of John Edmund Gardner’ for the latest news. Please check your individual country Amazon for availability. Please let us know if you have problems in getting titles you want.

Saturday, December 13, 2014 - 18:28

Yes it is that time of year again where we take a paragraph or so to look back at what has been happening John Edmund Gardner wise. A big thank you goes out to Endeavour Press who have published all the Boysie Oakes E-Books as well as The Secret Generations Trilogy. ‘The Secret Houses’ made it onto Amazon’s top 100 Historical thrillers list coming in at 22 while around the other side of the globe in Australia ‘The Secret Generations’ topped Amazon’s Kindle bestseller list at NUMBER 1. Once again JEG is in the bestseller lists! Go to your favourite online retailer for all John Gardner ebook titles.

Over in Germany Cross Cult published ‘Licence Renewed’ in September and will be publishing ‘For Special Services’ and I’cebreaker’ in February 2015. On the subject of Mr. Bond, november 2015 will see the release of SPECTRE movie 24 in the franchise. if you cannot wait until then to get SPECTRE back in your life, grab yourself a copy of ‘For Special Services’.

Just as I was putting this update together I was informed that Endeavour Press are to re-publish one of John’s classic thriller/horror novels ‘The Dancing Dodo’. A bestseller that has been a favourite amongst his fans for years. Not only that, but an option on the film rights has also been bought.

Well as the year draws to a close, thank you all again for visiting this site and connecting with us via our Facebook page and our Twitter account.

Also back by popular demand with a slight update (well actually we still have not found the stack of SAAB winter driving photos we know exists somewhere) is last years Christmas header photo. JG in the SAAB and snowmobile in the snow!

Christmas and New Year greetings and best wishes to you all. 

Simon Gardner December 2014 


Sunday, August 3, 2014 - 09:00


Seems like this date roles around quicker every year. Seven years since his passing but in those years we have seen the re-printing of all his acclaimed James Bond continuation novels in physical and Ebook formats on both sides of the pond. Thank you IFP, Swordfish, Orion and Pegasus Books.


All the Boysie Oakes books are out now as Ebooks thanks to Endeavour Press. The Kruger novels out in Ebook from Bello and Mysterious Press. The Secret Generations Trilogy also as Ebooks again from our good friends at Endeavour Press. Of course Moriarty (Quercus UK & Harcourt US) the third in the series was published after his death. He did have the outline for the fourth but that was not meant to be. In the US the first two Moriarty novels were re-published by Pegasus Books. John also entered the Guinness Book of Records for writing more James Bond Books than the original creator Ian Fleming. We are currently having discussions regarding all of John’s other works of fiction  as to when, how and the best way to bring them back to the marketplace. This will include getting the Derek Torry novels back again after their brief Ebook appearance and disappearance!


Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 15:58

Air Apparent

Boysie Oakes, ex anguished agent, ex defective private eye, and greying horrifically at the temples, is facing the wilderness of middle-age supported only by the Welfare State.

At long last Boysie Oakes has reached seedy maturity - and he plans to grow old quietly without any more dangerous missions.

Until, like an evil genie, up pops his oily old boss, Mostyn, offering a life of renewed luxury.

Boysie is to become the sole British Director of Air Apparent, an airline which operates from one office, has no aircraft, yet, by juggling with officialdom and illegally chartering aeroplanes, manages to transfer its customers to their destinations at half the scheduled fares and still makes a vast profit.

But when Boysie discovers that Air Apparent is being used for more nefarious purposes, such as the shipment of arms to third world nations, he is forced to call in his old shooting partner, Charlie Griffin.

Events crowd in, culminating in a hijacking, hilarity and, naturally, hectic hedonism.

“Gardner’s at the top of his form.” Daily Mirror

“Boysie Oakes is at the top of his form in this topical thriller.” Guardian

“All very entertaining in a crazy sort of way.” Morning Star

‘Air Apparent’ is the seventh in the Boysie Oakes series of novels by John Gardner. Tightly written and packed with incredible twists, ‘Air Apparent’ is a brilliant continuation of the story of Gardner’s cowardly professional assassin.

It is perfect for fans of classic British spy fiction, including Ian Fleming, Len Deighton, and Desmond Bagley.

Air Apparent UK
Air Apparent US

A Killer For A Song

Secret agent Boysie Oakes feels completely alone.

He is on the run and terrified, travelling from Paris, across France, and down to his old stamping ground, the Cote d'Azur.

But who is chasing him? And why?

Nobody escapes the past, and Boysie is no exception - events are catching up with him like hounds descending upon a screeching hare.

A nemesis comes first in the shape of his former boss in the Department - the oily James George Mostyn.

Sought out by Mostyn, Boysie finds himself back on active service and forced to sit on SEAT - Special Executive for Anti-Terrorism.

A routine conference in Paris, however, reveals the truth.

Both Mostyn and Boysie are being set up at the wrong end of a series of ruthless liquidations, and somebody has to lose.

Before he can shout for a lifebuoy, Boysie finds himself on the run - both from the French police and security organisations, who want him for murder; and from the shadows of the past, who want him dead.

A Killer For A Song UK
A Killer For A Song US

Friday, June 27, 2014 - 19:19

Is It Ever Straightforward For Boysie?

UK & US Kindle Release From Endeavour Press

Rex Upsdale is a spent, washed-out spy writer. 

His trade has worn him down to the bone, and he sits alone, rejected and punch-drunk and full of self-pity. Reality and fiction have become mixed in his mind. 

In increasing financial trouble, he is offered some semblance of security if he will take on just one journalistic assignment behind the Iron Curtain. 

All that’s required is an interview with Kit Styles, the most notorious of all defectors from West to East. 

But it’s not as straightforward as he thinks. 

He hasn’t reckoned with the eternally incompetent and feckless Boysie Oakes; his puppet master, Mostyn; a neatly curved companion, Miss Hester Havisham; exploits, escapes and escapades in a tank and a helicopter and an outrageous group calling themselves the International Travelling Circus. 

And if he is not careful, the Traitor's Exit might also be his own. 

John Gardner, whose Boysie Oakes has become required reading for spy lovers since he first appeared in ‘The Liquidator’, has written a tale that’s part satire, part farce, always zany and certainly not for those who take their spy fiction too seriously.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


The Liquidator Makes it To Amazon’s Movers & Shakers


Coming in at Number 8