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Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 18:54

But a straightforward mission start to go awry when his mark turns up dead without Boysie lifting a finger. 

Who killed him? And why? 

It is only when he is introduced to a sadistic finishing school, run by the mysterious and dangerous Doctor Klara Thirel, that the mystery starts to unravel. 

Surrounded by troubled girls galore, including a certain Petronella Witching, Boysie is pulled into the biggest espionage foul-up of the century. 

With the help of Petronella, as well as a handful of self-important, and at times incompetent secret agents, Boysie dives into the mysteries behind the dead Member of Parliament, the sexually charged finishing school, and – most of all – who and what is behind the top-secret Amber Nine.

The third Boysie Oakes adventure is now available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

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